Produce Saver by Rubbermaid





Tons of food are wasted every year in the supermarkets around the world, simply because they do not look appealing enough to be bought by us, the consumers. While, some individual countries are banning this act, as these vegetables and fruits can be consumed by people who can not afford buying them, in addition to the environmental price of this act, the majority of the countries still throw tons and tons of food every year. 

This topic was discussed hundreds of times, but what we usually forget about is the fact that we throw away lots of food ourselves, in our homes. (forgetting or buying too much) And, this is something we can control and improve. 


It's called preserving our food! 

In our last review and blog post, we talked about jars as a way to preserve food and we even shared some easy recipes. In this review, we are going to show you another simpler method: the Produce Saver- Food Storage Containers.

What this actually means is that from now, you can store you vegetables and fruits fr a much longer time, while all you have to do is put them inside these storage containers. The rest is done by the containers. 

Here's How It Works... The Logic Behind.

The container is made from two main components:

Crisp Tray: It keeps the moisture away from the food, and promotes air circulation.

Lid Filter: the lid has a built-in filter which lasts forever and doesn't need to be changed, and what it does is that it regulates the flow of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in and out and keeps the food fresher for a longer time. 

Why We Like It?

Starting from the obvious, throwing food is bad and is a waste of money and let's be honest the smell of fruits when you forget them in the fridge is not that good. That's the main reason why I like these Containers by Rubbermaid

Then, it saves place in the fridge which will also look way more organized when every fruit is put in its' container. Plus, you have different sizes and shapes that makes storing fruits and vegetables much easier. 

Now, add to that, it's a dishwasher safe! 


If you want to purchase these incredible containers, get them from amazon for the cheapest price and make sure to read all these amazing reviews people had to say about the containers.