Mega Blocks 80-Piece Big Building Bag


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When your baby puts together the first  two pieces of blocks, you're the proudest parent in the world. For you it's a huge milestone, for them, it's play time, and you better let them enjoy it with the classic colorful Mega Blocks (80-Piece Big Building Bag).

We brought our first set of Mega Blocks at my baby's first birthday. She's a big girl, playing with toys that nurture her motor skills, and she loved it.

But, Why I loved it?

It's not a love at first, because at first it's all about a baby who is enjoying the sound of two blocks hitting one another. Simple as this. But, it's important, as your baby is discovering different sounds and different way to achieve sounds.

Then, you fall in love with your baby and the blocks all over again, when you see the first two pieces being put together. From there the possibilities and creativeness are endless up until the age of 5!

 But, don't rush, your baby is most likely 12 months and here's why I love these blocks:

  1. Colors: Ours learned the colors using the building blocks.
  2. Safe: They are big, easy to hold as they fit into the baby's tiny hands and easy to release from one another.
  3. Cleaning: Soap and water, back as new.
  4. Sharing is beautiful: in the bag there are 80 blocks in different shapes and colors. It's a great opportunity for a team toy, where your baby will learn to share.
  5. The bag: brilliant packaging, you can take it with you wherever you go.
  6. Motor skills: you teach your baby to feel the difference between the shapes, the way to hold the block and build with it. You develop their concentration and imagination.
  7. Bath time: Yes you can.
  8. High quality.

And again, it's a classic line, check out these reviews, Here. And in case you're convinced, get your bag through Amazon and start enjoying and creating with your baby and for the cheapest price possible!