Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 12 inch (30 cm) Skillet

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"heat it up on the grill outside or the stove inside, put you room temperature steak on, and enjoy the sizzle." It's the 12 inch iron skillet by Lodge

It's not just a skillet

I love cooking. I watch tens of  cooking shows, and guess what? cast iron skillets were a part of nearly every show I watched. So, I bought one. I got the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - 12 Inch (30 cm).

Let's dive a little deeper...

It's true it's a little heavy (nearly 4 kg or 8 pounds) and it needs constant care, but it stays with you forever and you can even pass it to your children, and your food will taste so much better, as when you put the skillet on the stove, it heats up evenly through the whole skillet, so you don't have to look for the red spot or the area with the highest temperature, so if you're cooking a steak, whether inside home on a stove, in an oven or in your camping site on the fires or the grill,  you will get an evenly cooked and tender meat  with a beautiful delicious crust from outside.

It's a Lodge

In addition to all I said above, the Lodge skillet is beautifully designed, as it has a hanging hook that also adds to an elegant decoration to your kitchen, as you can see in the picture below. 
It comes pre-seasoned, naturally with soy based vegetable oil, which basically means that you don't have to season it before you cook, and the cleaning process is also super easy, simply wash it with soap and water, dry it and then rub it with oil.

The Double R's

I like to call it the double R's, it's the reasonable price and remarkable reviews. you can buy this amazing skillet for the cheapest price on Amazon:

The story behind... 1896

And you already know by now, how I love items that come with a history. Did you know that Lodge is one place filled with history, it's a family run business from South-Pittsburgh/Tennessee since 1896?!