Kids Wall Decals Stickers


This is a reminder. A way to tell parents about the importance of the little things they do for their babies, how their choices help develop their baby's skills.

It starts at the nursery.

A month or two prior to their arrival, the race to decorate the baby's room begins. The mission is to get the best items and create the best room ever, sometimes even forgetting of our baby's needs.  So what is it that the baby needs?

Well, it seems easier to start with what they don't need. Our babies do not need any fancy rooms, filled with different furniture and toys, they don’t care if they have a smart screen in their room or not.  When they are born, babies look around for catalysts. Smells, shapes and colors are what attract them the most, and sometimes the ability to make a positive change that enhances the healthy growth of our babies is so simple, easy and affordable. Take these wall decals stickers for example.

 A smart choice of pictures and colors that have a huge impact on our little ones' brains. The  calm colors like light "grey" or "green" help them relax, yet other colors like "red" and  "orange" are very catchy for them, as they are the first babies see at 4 months, when they start looking around, exploring the new world.  What's great about these stickers is the fact that because of their high quality, they can be attached to walls (yet they don't peel paint when removed), furniture and windows, they are water proof, non-toxic, transparent and eco-friendly, but above all they have all possible colors from red, green to yellow, orange and purple, they're suitable for both boys/girls,  they come in different sizes of 30 (that's right) various characters that attract the babies like  lion, elephant, baloons and more that tell a beautiful story. And to top all that, these stickers really do transform your room décor for a truly affordable price.  

So, before you go out looking for so many toys or decorating items, try the simplest  available options around you, they might be just what your baby needs at the time.