It's the Raclette Melter


We are all lovers of Cheese at the Live it Easy. What this basically means is that we would love to add cheese to all our meals. And guess what we LOVED eating in Switzerland? Holy, Raclette. It's that melted cheese that is added to your sandwich, fish, meat, pasta and list goes on and on and the taste, is heavenly awesome. 

The only problem with it, is the fact that it is expensive to buy the melting machine at the souvenirs shops, so we went home, and as the taste of the melted cheese was still so fresh and vibrant in our brains, we rapidly ordered this Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste, Mini Tea Light Raclette Set, Dark Wood.And, we didn't regret it. This little machine became the star of our meals, it's impressive and elegant (all our guests want to try it), compact, easy to store, clean and use, as the pan is a non-stick which prevents the cheese from sticking to it and also it makes releasing the cheese so quick and easy. 

In addition to all said above, it's not electric, it's lid by a candle, making it so romantic, just like the real thing, and when you order it, you'll get a barbeclette, frame, wooden spatula, and 3 tea lights for free. 

What to say. You don't expect Boska Holland (since 1896), cheese lovers for over 100 years to create any less perfect product. We love it. 

If you're a cheese lover like us, this is a must have. Plus, it's affordable, only 19.95$ through Amazon. Check it out, here.