Food in a Jar: Decorative, Preserving & Delicious


Let us talk about Jars

Did you know that Tons of food are wasted every year, simply because they don't look appealing in supermarkets?! Did you pay attention how much food we throw away? It is very sad that this is happening all over the modern world, while we can preserve food in a delicious, easy and decorative way, called a JAR.

So, let's dig a little deeper, why Jars

Jars are a great item to store and preserve food. Once you close the jar, whatever food you have inside does not come in contact with the external environment, a thing which allows the food to stay fresh for a longer time. 

But, what can we put in a jar? 

Well, basically everything! We can pickle anything we want in so many different ways, starting from onions, carrots, olives to cheeses. We can store rice, pasta, quinoa and more. We can store cookies, jams, marmalade, stocks and basically anything!

Why good? 

In addition to the fact that they save us money, preserve our food, they also look very beautiful and decorative, they are actually a very cheap way to bring a new spirit to your kitchen. (Check out our blog for more ideas, here). There are different shapes, sizes and colors of jars, they are cheap, very useful and you can make hundreds of easy recipes with them, like these awesome 7 recipes that I make all the time!

Simply, buy some jars, store your food and enjoy delicious tastes!