Best Baby Carrier for Newborns & On


Who doesn't like travel?  You're on vacation,  you're free, you're exploring new culture, nature, people, cuisine and language.  It's magical, isn't it? You're enjoying the company of a dear friend or beloved family members or your beautiful baby.

Wait. baby? Travel? Does these two go together? The answer is yes and big time! You don't have to switch from this road trip travelling, to an all-inclusive hotel stays.

Well, balance is your new keyword! Travel items and habits are your secret to success.

A trip to remember

If you're travelling with a baby up to 12 months, the very first thing you should consider when travelling is a travel carrier. A one that was developed to suit and support your baby's body, head and neck. But also a carrier which is lightweight, because remember your baby is not going to be 4 kgs for a long time, and at the same time a carrier which will let you be in continuous contact with your baby, so that your baby will feel your presence all the time, and you will be able to check on them all the time.

But that's not all, as your baby grows up, she/he will be more interested in their environment, and a carrier which is directed only to your body, won't be sufficient. Therefore, remember to get a carrier which has these two options.

From my experience, having the carrier is amazing for so many reasons:

  1. you can go to any place you just want, whether it's tracking or a simple walk in the park without having to worry about a stroller
  2. Free hands!
  3. Saves so much place, fits into all storage spaces.

BabyBjorn baby carrier

With my girl I chose to use the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier, because it's safe, it's lightweight (0.5 kg), it's designed to grow with your kid and it's comfortable both for you and your child.

For me, a carrier is a must, in case you think that too, check this babybjorn baby carrier on Amazon:

But before you do that, remember to read all the great and positive reviews, here.