Baby Milestone Blanket


This is an article for those among us, who care enough to capture every milestone of their baby's life. From the first month, when your baby's hearing system is fully developed, giving him/her the opportunity to hear you and respond to you as the proudest parent, to the moment when they'll be able to sit up unassisted at the age of 8 months, until the moment in which you hear them say their first words at 10 months. 

You can choose to cherish these milestones in your head, or you can do what we did, and take a photo of your baby in the same date every month for a year, using one simple item: The Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket.  


The baby Milestone blanket, is a great option to capture and cherish your baby's development forever in a sweet photograph, using a blanket which is beautifully designed in neutral colors suitable for both girls and boys and of a very high quality as it is so soft and thick white fleece blanket made of 100% polyester. What this means is that you can re-use the blanket with all your children, and it will be as good as new. Simply, place your baby in the center of the blanket, place the special provided frame on the right number, and take a magical photo of your little wonder. 

We understand, that some of you may dislike the idea of buying an item to be used for only a short period of time.That's exactly the reason we tried the blanket. It's so soft and cosy, that you won't give up using it as a blanket for your babies. Plus, its' wonderful size (47x47 inch) will make it such a great option for more extended uses, because you know, your baby will grow, and then you'll miss covering them with a cosy blanket while giving them the most loving hug.   

So,nothing is left to say but, welcome to the world, little one. Oh, did we mention that a greeting card is included as well in the product? So that you can use it also as a great gift for new parents. 

In case you also think this milestone blanket is a great way to record your baby's development, get it now on amazon and enjoy the cheapest price you can ever have: