8 Must have items when travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby or a toddler is not an easy mission, but it's not mission impossible. It can even be so much fun (yes!) IF we, the parents, remember to go through a checklist of items that we must take with us, which ensure the security and happiness of our beloved little ones. 

So, here's my must have items...

#1 Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is vital! It saves you so much place, allows you to do any type of activity you like and it keeps you in contact with the baby all the time. I for example, had my BabyBjorn baby Carrier with me in all my trips. It's easier, safer and lighter. 


#2 Diaper Changing Pad

You never ask about the price when you discuss an item so essential for your baby's health, but this item is both cheap and essential. It doesn't matter where you are travelling, this item is a must have! You never know, if you'll find a changing table or if you do find, you never know if it is clean enough or not.  

 #3 Thermos

When a baby is hungry, you better be prepared in time. Otherwise, they are pretty prepared themselves for a party that will check your "work under pressure" skills. So, when you are in a foreign country, you better prepare your baby a meal and keep it with you in a thermos which keeps its' temperature whether hot or cold. 


#4 Storage items And/Or Travel Organizers

This will make your life so much easier, that you won't understand how you ever traveled without it. Whether you are travelling alone or with a baby, it's a wonderful item, it's budget friendly, it saves your time and it does wonders as an organizer. In particular, when you travel with a baby, you can put each group of items in a bag, and when you leave your hotel you can take the needed bag only, this way your baby's items will stay clean and organized and you will be prepared for anything that might happen in the way. 


 #5 Inflatable bath tub

If you're away from home, bath time should not be less fun. I took ,my baby's bath tub with us on any trip we went, simply because it's cleaner and safer, plus, it is so much fun for the baby herself/himself. And if you're worried you won't have enough space, well, don't worry, it's lightweight, very small and inflation process is quick and easy.

#6 Sterile Alcohol Prep pads

This item is good for everyone, everyday, anywhere, anytime. These sterile pads are so good, you can clean anything with them, whether it's your baby's toy, hands, or any other item. Plus, you can keep them in your handbag, so small that you won't feel them.  


#7  Medicines, Vitamins...

Remember to always have your baby medicines or vitamins with you, in addition to a thermometer.  Well, it's always good to see your child's  pediatrician before your holiday.  

#8 Lightweight Stroller 
Last thing on this list is a lightweight stroller (8 kilos and less), as opposed to car seat, which you can rent if you get a car, you should take this with you to the airport and you will certainly use it throughout your trip, starting from the always busy airports, where you would want to keep your child safe. What's really nice is, that you can keep your baby in the stroller until seconds before you get on the plane, where you will leave it in the strollers gate. 

That's it, enjoy your trip with your amazing baby and make it a trip to remember. 

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