Best Christmas Locations to Visit with Kids in 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it's time we travelers book our flights whether to a hot summery Christmas in  Australia or a cold snowy Christmas in Europe.

So, what are our perfect destinations? Where do we stay?  

Every year around Christmas, my family and I book our flights and enjoy a Christmas holiday in a new country. Every year we manage to visit some tiny magical villages where homes are beautifully and magically decorated by the locals, streets are flooded with Christmas smells and churches bells ring spreading joy to the world. 

As you know, I travel with a child. And it's important that she enjoys her Christmas holiday just as much as we do. So, here are our perfect locations for Christmas travels in the world, where we balance between sight seeing and child attractions.

 #1 Gruyeres, Switzerland

Gruyere is a magical place all year round, but on Christmas the medieval village wears it's best costume. it's decorated as of a fairly tale, smells of hot wine, chocolate and meat, and it's surrounded by mountains of green and snow. But what makes it a recommended site for children is its' surrounding area where you will find Maison Cailler in Broc, less than 10 minutes drive from Gruyeres, a chocolate factory, where your child will hear the story of chocolate making, taste as many chocolates as they want and take pictures, in addition to the famous Gruyeres cheese factory where your child will watch the process of cheese making, taste the cheese fondue and play outside in the small playground. 


 #2 Thun, Switzerland

Thun is a magical town all year round, it is located in the canton of Bern, nearby the lake of Thun. What makes this town a great site for Christmas holiday is the attractions. First, you have the family ski resort which is wonderful and snowy and your kids will absolutely enjoy the whole day up in the mountains. But, that's not the only thing this town has to offer, the whole family can enjoy a boat trip in the magical lake of Thun and the numerous free open-air playgrounds.


#3 The Town of Santa Claus- Rovaniemi, Finland

It's snowy, it's Santa's home, it's Rudolph's farm, where you can enjoy a Reindeer sleigh-rides and bake cookies with Santa.  It's decorative with lights all over and the best Christmas experience that you can ever give your child and yourself. An experience to remember for everyone. It just takes a bit of courage to get to the north pole in December, and one must say that it's not a cheap adventure. But, once you're there, be ready to experience the best Christmas you've ever had!


 #4 DisneyLand, Paris/California

What more can a child ask for when you take her/him to DisneyLand? What can you possibly ask for when you're in DisneyLand? It is the definition of magical Christmas. Well, listen, you'll enjoy a Christmas fantasy parade with all of disney characters and of course Santa, a breath-taking fireworks show and very Christmasy "it's a very small world after all". Much recommended! 

#5 Nazareth, Israel 

Nazareth is very beautiful around Christmas, while the churches are filled with believers of all ages, the main square in the old city is decorated with a big Christmas tree and kids activities are available during the day in the old city and in the Nazareth Village museum. In addition to this, during day time of December 24th, there's a big and beautiful Christmas parade, which is suitable for both children and adults. In the night, however, all restaurants are open and there are lots of parties in every corner. Did you book your flight? 

 #6 Maldives

If you like your Christmas to be calm and sunny, you can definitely go to the Maldives with your children. The pure white sand, the blue clear water, the pools, the children day-time activities and the all inclusive concept hotels will perfectly do the job for you. 


Have a nice early booking experience everyone. 

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