These under 10$ items will make your trip easier

If you are a constant traveler or someone who travels once or twice a year, there are items that must always be in your bag. They're not necessarily fancy but very very practical, budget friendly and will ease your travel amazingly.  

#1 iClever BoostCube - Dual USB Travel Wall Charger  

I bet you can relate to the story of you finally getting to your hotel or Airbnb and the first thing you do is looking for a place to charge your mobile and before you know it, your partner is there before you. Say no more. 

This iClever BoostCube is THE perfect solution for you, it makes the charging process quicker and more efficient for you, and it charges two at a time.  Plus, in case you don't like it (very rare) you are able to return it within 30 days and you also get an 18 month replacement warranty and a lifetime of support service. The product suits a wide range of mobile phones and tablets, starting from iPhones, Samsung, HTC Nexus, blackberries, Bluetooth speaker headsets to iPads and power banks. 

And in case you wonder, the iClever  BoostCube perfectly suits travelling as it's very lightweight (82 Grams) that you won't even feel it. 



#2 TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

This TSA approved travel toiletry bag will make your travelling so much easier. First it's TSA approved and makes traveling and passing through domestic and international security quick and easy.  It's made from durable materials, that keeps your liquid bottles safe inside. 

The 1 quart travel bag is 7.2 x 5.5 x 2.5 Inches, so that you can store all you need in there. It's also clear, so that looking for the needed item is super easy and quick. 

The TSA approved bag is suitable for men and women, waterproof and beautifully designed and is very cheap, only 10$. Check it out.

#3 Cruise Tags Luggage E-tag  

Plannig a highwind Cruise? This Cruise Tags Luggage E-tag  includes high quality, water resistant, four clear luggage tags and two ID badge holders with lanyards,  which come in different sizes so that they can be used for lots of cruise lines like PRINCESS, CARNIVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, and NORWEGIAN and more. The price is so cheap (only 9.95$), the tags can be simply used for any other travel situation and prevent your bags from getting lost. 



 #4 GDTK Leather Passport Holder  

Stay organized when travelling. Get your passport holder, put in all your essential cards. Id, passport, visas, etc...

#5 OurSunshine Leakproof Travel Bottle

Do you know that situation where you have extra kilos? and you start moving items from one bag to another? Well, there are lots of tricks on how to travel with low weight. Here's one, transfer your big shampoo bottles into small re-usable and lightweight bottles. Click on the picture below to purchase these amazing bottles.  


#6 YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag

 Stay organized and clean. Don't put your shoes with your clean clothes, especially after you've used them. Keep your shoe bag with you, it's re-usable as it's of a good quality, it's waterproof and comes in different sizes, for both men and women. And it is so cheap, starting from 8$.


#7 Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

When you're overweight, you pay for it. So, change your habits, weigh you luggage with a cheap yet very efficient digital luggage scale, which operates very quickly and in different metrics.


  #8 TSA Approved Travel Lock

Travel safely. Two words you hear a lot when travelling, and well it starts from securing your luggage with a TSA approved lock, which suitable not only for luggage but for any item starting from a gym hand bag to a backpack.


In addition to these 8 items, check out these extra items, which are bit more expensive than 10$:  




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