Susanna Assaulted By The Elders... The Art, The Power & Beyond

The story of Susanna, the woman who was assaulted by two elderly men, is a well known story. Documented in the bible and painted by so many great artists back in the 17th century, Susanna, the assaulted woman, never died, even today in 2018. 

The story of Susanna starts in a one summer hot day, when she decided to send her attendants away, so she could take a bath in her garden. Little did she know, that two lustful elderly men were following her. The two men waited for the attendants to leave to start their evil plan. The two approached Susanna with a suggestion: adultery or sexual act by agreement. 

Susanna, a brave unafraid woman, refused to be blackmailed and they accused her of adultery. Back then, it meant to be stoned to death. 

The story takes a dramatic turn when the young Daniel, says the men are liars, and are then investigated separately. The men were found guilty and sentenced to death, and Susanna was set free.

Susanna's story had a happy end, but the millions of Susannas today didn't get the chance to have a happy end, or even a Daniel. Millions of women and girls are raped and assaulted. We don't get to read their stories or hear their voices. 

Some women are stoned to death, some are killed of shame, some are scared to speak and some commit suicides. Susanna's story was painted and documented by great artists, like the one above by the great Antonio Bellucci, which shows Susanna pushing the men away while looking at one of them. Bellucci's painting is similar to most male artists, but way different from this brilliant and great female artist Artemisia Gentileschi, that documented Susanna as a weak victim, fighting the strong, evil and lustful two elderly men, without having any eye contact with them. 

Susanna was not raped but many females were and  are, including Artemisia herself. Artemisia, didn't turn back and hide, she fought and won because she had a voice. 
Speak out of Sexual abuse.  


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