Creating The Best Coffee Experience

In the united states men and women drink about the same amount of coffee per day. Approximately 3.2 cups of coffee per person per day. The price of a cup of coffee ranges between 3$ to 6$ depending on where customers buy it. A simple calculation shows that an average American spends  around a 100$ per week on coffee.  And if you think that's a lot, you should also know that in China, you could pay a 7$ for a 9 ounces of coffee and in other countries the price could climb to  a 12.30$ per cup.


Well, say no more.  If you love coffee, and you always search for high quality coffee, then you should know that you can solve this challenge very simply by doing one of these options which are all cheaper than buying coffee on a daily basis and are way more eco-friendly. So, why not?

The first option is to get a milk frother. A milk frother is a machine, which heats the milk just to right temperature of 60-70C. The milk frother  heats the milk while circulating  it, creating a very nice  amount of froth, giving us the coffe-holics  an experience of  a coffee place.


Our favorite milk frother is this Capresso 202.04 frothPRO Automatic Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker for so many reasons: first it heats the milk to the right temperature so that you never ever burn your tongue while trying to drink your hot drink, then, it creates the right amount of froth for us to have the most enjoyable experience. But it's not all; it's a dish washer proof, it comes with a lid to keep the milk clean and help maintain the right temperature,  it stops by itself when it reaches the right temperature and it can also cool the milk for you, giving you the option to drink a cold coffee drink.

And the most important thing is that it's easy to operate, not over priced and you can add to the frother itself any coffee/chocolate powder you love, like this awesome 2.2 pound bag Lavazza , which you can also get online for 20$ only. 

The second option is to get a professional coffee machine, which grinds and prepares your coffee on the spot in under one minute, like this awesome most beautiful one by Gaggia Brera which is also super user friendly and works with any type of coffee bean or powder that you like.  

If this machine is a bit expensive for you, even when you calculate the amount of money you pay on a daily basis on coffee, you can always get other very high quality coffee machines for a lower price, like this brilliant Cuisinart DCC-3400.

Now, you should always remember that being eco-friendly does not affect the taste of your favorite coffee, and that it's even cheaper to be eco-friendly and use the same cup more and more times, especially when you use high quality cups like these: 


Enjoy your coffee.





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