The Easiest Way To Compost At Home

What do you do when you're done cooking? Most likely, you'd clean-up, which basically means throwing out all food waste in the trash, and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. But, what if we tell you, it's the wrong way?! Allow us to introduce you to the term, home composting.

The more food blogs we read, the more we realized the fact that everyone is teaching us, how to cook, what to cook or where to get the best cooking ingredients, but we rarely see anyone teaching us what to do with the waste we leave behind. 

The waste we're talking about is actually a treasure! Why? very simply because it's an organic waste which can be turned into a compost, at a very easy process, which actually requires a minimal care from us.

So, what is composting?!

It is the process in which organic matter- in this case our food waste- is decomposed to perfect fertilizers filled with so many nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.    

Having an organic compost is great for so many reasons: (1) you reduce the amount of trash that you produce at home, which also saves money (the one we pay for garbage collection). (2) you reduce the amount of trash which ends up in landfill (critical for all countries alike, and especially those which are smaller in size). (3) you save money you spend on buying fertilizers.  (4) it's a great activity for kids and it takes no time at all! 

Is it magic? How do we do it?

It's kind of magic, but, it's the magic that needs a logical chemical reaction to take place for it to happen. Luckily, there are companies like "Food Cycle Science",  that have created a magic box for us, like this one in the picture below, where you would simply put in all your food waste or unwanted food and in three hours it's a waste no more. it's a great fertilizer both for your indoor and outdoor plants. How awesome is that?!

We know what you're thinking of. It's odorless, it looks good and can be kept inside home, yes even inside your kitchen.

So, do your part for the planet you live in, it's easy, it's simple, it saves your money and environment and it's way better than any the fertilizer you will ever buy. 



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